The Far North Photo Festival is a space to elevate the work of visual storytellers in the Circumpolar North.


We aim to bring together the photographic community in Canada’s North - and the entire Arctic - for a weekend of exhibits, presentations, workshops, portfolio reviews and mentorship from industry professionals.

We provide a platform for Northern photographers to share, seek guidance and showcase their work to the general public, potential clients, industry leaders and noted photographers.

Whether you’re an aspiring photographer, professional or just love great images and the stories behind them, this event is for you. 


We are more than a festival about pictures and cameras; we are a festival that discusses our industry from a uniquely Northern perspective: we address Indigenous issues and Northern representation in media; we promote and value Northern stories by Northern artists; and we examine media ethics in the Circumpolar world. The Far North Photo Festival shines a light on documentary photography, photojournalism and visual storytelling of Northern themes but also supports commercial photographers and emerging photographers in the NWT and beyond.

We are currently planning our inaugural festival to be held in Yellowknife November 15-17, 2019.

The Far North Photo Festival is hosted by the not-for-profit The Far North Photo Society. All proceeds from ticket sales for the event, contest entry fees or any other revenues will be directed to cover current and future year expenses for the Festival only. Thank you for your support!